A depth of collective experience has supported the creation of our Component-Oriented Engineering methodology…

COE leverages the benefits of CBD and MDD

Over the past decade Zeligsoft has developed and refined a new — Component-Oriented Engineering (COE) — methodology that allows software teams to increase reuse, quality and efficiency benefits that CBD and MDD have been trying to provide for a decade.

CBD is well understood in the IT industry. The benefits promised by component-based technologies are well known:

  • Reduced system development time and cost
  • Enhanced quality
  • Reduced system evolution and maintenance costs

MDD refers to a variety of development approaches that are centered on the use of software models as a primary form of expression:

  • Models can be analyzed and validated, and code may in turn be generated from models (ranging in completeness from system skeletons to fully deployable products)

Zeligsoft CX support of COE addresses CBD/MDD shortcomings to deliver productivity benefits now

  • Scalability: Zeligsoft CX has been built to ensure scalability from day one. Support for encapsulation and assembly combined with innovative UI features help developers effectively build and maintain large systems easily
  • Inefficient code: Platform intelligence is embedded in domains which provide information to our deployment-aware code generation (DAG) process, allowing very efficient code to be produced for demanding environments
  • Restrictive programming models: Zeligsoft COE does not impose any particular programming model on the developer, but rather it can accommodate virtually any behavior model that best supports the problem domain at hand

Benefits to the Zeligsoft COE approach