Component-Oriented Engineering

The Zeligsoft COE vision and methodology represents a significant evolution of component-based, model-driven development approaches and was motivated by one overriding goal: dramatic improvements in software development productivity…

Component-Oriented Engineering (COE) is a software development methodology focused on addressing the challenges of complex embedded systems characterized by distributed applications and heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms.

The Zeligsoft COE methodology:

  • Embraces key elements of Component-Based Development (CBD) and Model Driven Development (MDD) — while overcoming typical challenges associated with these approaches:
    • scalability issues, inefficient code (implementations), awkward and/or restrictive programming models that compromise productivity (ask us for details on how, or take a peak at our white paper)
  • Is agnostic with respect to the approach used to specify behavior models — i.e. state machine or procedural code
  • Uses domain specialization to customize modeling language concepts, validation and generation, for greater expressiveness within a specific class of applications, improved QoS and superior performance
  • Enables greater reuse of existing software assets

In addition, QoS analysis and validation form an integral part of our methodology and are used throughout the process.

The result: a domain-centric methodology that:

  • Enables you or your teams to leverage domain-specific concepts and translations in order to more rapidly develop higher quality software without compromising your application performance
  • Is more open and customizable than conventional methodologies
  • Enables the tailoring of development models, the model compiler, and QoS analysis — all in support of measurable productivity gains

More benefits of Zeligsoft COE